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Having an email list of this size has afforded me a lot of opportunities to make money blogging. And while you may not be striving to be the next Buzzfeed, if you want to make money blogging, you should aim for ramping up to a point where you're posting at least two to three high quality, sizable word count articles in excess of 1, words each month. That leaves time to spend promoting your content too. Not only does publishing regular blog content generate more traffic, it brings returning readers. And those are the people that'll help you make money blogging over the long-term.

And it's important that your blog becomes a place to share about things that are powerful to you, of course. But even more important when it comes to learning how to make money blogging is nailing your blog SEO. Search Engine Optimization can send even the most experienced professional marketers into a tailspin, but SEO is paramount to making money blogging.

Because major search engines like Google can send you a practically unlimited amount of free , organic traffic—if you create content that's worthy of ranking high in search results. Now, we're not going to do a deep dive into SEO in today's guide about how to make money blogging SEO is a major component of my paid course, Built to Blog , but I will tell you this—it's crucial to always have a specific keyword phrase in mind for each blog post, and to always do your homework up front in order to make sure that keyword phrase is something people are actually searching for online.

Ensuring that you're following smart blog SEO best practices will not only help grow your blog , it will make you stand out as a leading industry professional if you can rank high in search results for competitive terms.

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I'll always be an advocate of finding and building an engaged online community. The most important thing, especially when you're just getting started with learning how to make money blogging, is to focus your efforts on not just bringing in new readers, but on establishing real, tangible relationships with as many of them as possible.

Having an online community—whether it's a forum on your blog, a Facebook group, email list, Twitter community or otherwise—can do absolute wonders for your blog. And ultimately, they're going to be the ones that help you learn how to make money blogging in a way that's a mutual win-win for both them and you. Develop real relationships with your readers. Learn about their likes and dislikes, why they read your first article, how they discovered you, and why they keep coming back for more. Connect with them as humans, not anonymous readers on a screen. The investment will be worth taking a few minutes out to chat over email or on the phone every now and then.

When you have a community, you not only have a deep rooted support system, you also have some very important relationships. It may turn out that one of your readers is an advertiser that wants to promote their products on your blog. It may be a podcaster who wants to feature you on their next episode with 2, listeners with a spot for your blog pitch. When you get a feel for your audience, and get to know them intimately, you can start asking them for support. You'd be surprised what you can get from a strong community of like-minded readers.

#2. Ship Physical Products (Without the Inventory Headaches)

At the same time though, you can work on tweaks to get your conversion rate higher over time, and you can play with your pricing to increase average customer value as well. You can set a date range like the past day, week or month and see your pageview count update.

Alternatively to get a sense of how well your site is doing in the pursuit to make money blogging, you can take your total blog income for a given date range, and divide that by the amount of income you generated in that same period—that'll give you the average value in your currency for each individual reader of your blog. Now that you have a basic understanding of what a blog is , how to start building community, picking a niche to blog about , nailing your blog SEO and tracking conversion rates, let's get down to business on how to really make money blogging.

It takes a lot of time and work, but trust me—the investment is well worth it in the long run. I'd like to tell you that I've tested all of them, but I haven't. And after years of experimentation, there are about a dozen that've proven to stand the test of time and generate life-changing revenue for not only my own blog, but that of hundreds of others I know. For that reason, we're focusing only on the most reputable, proven, broadly applicable monetization channels in this guide.


7 Totally Legitimate Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Blog

These are tried and true techniques used by the most successful, most popular blogs you've heard of. The first overarching theme we're going to cover in this guide to make money blogging is getting paid for your content. This is the easiest and quickest way to start monetizing your blog. Of course, that's also why you see so many bloggers pursuing this monetization channel.

The important thing here is to stay true to your blog, your expertise and to keep your audience at the forefront of everything you create. Sponsored content is a tried and true investment for brands of all kinds, and it works wonders in the right scenarios. This makes it a clear win-win of the many ways to make money blogging. Over and over again, this method is not only proven to work for advertisers, it's proven to help you make money blogging at the same time. What is sponsored content? It's when company pays you a fee in return for you writing an article that's either about them—or on a topic related to them, where their product, service or brand is prominently featured as the go-to resource for those of your readers that want to learn more.

It's one of those sweet deals between a blogger and an advertiser where you're both truly benefiting from the relationship. In my opinion, if your sponsored post doesn't lead with providing real value to your readers, then you've already gotten off track. You've already built trust with your audience, so they trust you to recommend products that you know and believe in.

That's why I always recommend staying true to your audience when making sponsored content.


So how do you get sponsored? If you run a popular, heavily trafficked blog, you may already be getting sponsorship opportunities flooding your inbox.

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If that doesn't sound like where you're at today, then let's talk about what it takes to get sponsored content offers. For starters, identify a handful of products and their companies that fit perfectly into your niche. Often, you'll find that it's products or services you're already using yourself. Make a list of at least 10 products you'd be eager to advertise and could passionately support. Go to the websites of your top 10 products and find someone who works in either marketing or PR at the company, and track down their email address using simple blogging tools like Hunter or Voila Norbert.

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  6. Keep in mind that many companies who are open to sponsorships actively advertise a sponsorship email address somewhere on their contact pages. Finally, it's time to send them a cold email with your offer to partner up on sponsored content for your readers—with a heavy emphasis on why they should pony up the sponsorship dollars.

    Here's a sample sponsor pitch email you can use:. My name is Ryan and I love [your product]! I'm actively running a blog over at ryrob. I reach about [number] monthly readers right now and would also promote the post to my email list of [number] subscribers. Everything I write about is related to [your niche], and [your product] fits right into what my readers are looking for. This is just a rough example of what you can say when reaching out—and keep the focus on why the sponsor should be jumping at the opportunity to reach your audience.

    Ultimately, if you're planning on going the sponsored content route, you'll need a media kit to highlight your sponsorship opportunities. Having a media package is incredible important to not only attract the right business, but to set your prices up front. In this next section, I'm going to walk you through the right way to make a media package that will attract and sell the right companies.

    Another benefit is that a media kit also shows clear fixed pricing, which helps you avoid low-balling, bad fit advertisers. Here are the essential elements you need to include in your own media kit in order to really make money blogging and land quality sponsors:. Make sure your media kit is clear, concise, and visually appealing. Let's talk about affiliate programs.

    Joining and promoting most affiliate programs is arguably easier than pursuing blog sponsorships, if you ask me.

    Can A Blog Make Money on Auto-Pilot : 1 Month Experiment

    Companies that have affiliate programs already built in, are ready and willing to pay you money in exchange for directing them your blog readers—which means you don't need to pitch sponsors or invest time into creating your own product before starting to make money blogging. What I like most about affiliate programs, are that they skip the cold reach out phase that other channels like sponsorships and freelancing require.

    Plus, a lot of affiliate programs like the best web hosting plans even ones with monthly payment web hosting plans are well-automated to get you onboard and promoting quickly.