Hide & Seek: A Murder Mystery

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The Council Episode Two brings a lot to the excellent first episode, but some of its experiments don't pay out like they should have. The story is on point, but the puzzles needed a little more work. Despite a small handful of flaws, The Council Episode Two: Hide and Seek places an exclamation point on one of the cleverest narrative adventure games on the market. The Council Episode 2: Hide and Seek does a terrific job of building more intrigue for its fascinating story. Despite its intriguing plot and characters, Hide and Seek sadly suffers from a lack of pace.

The repetitive dialogues fail to arouse the interest of the player, who'd also be annoyed by the recurrent loading times. Review in French Read full review. Sort by: Page 1 of 4. Patrick Hancock. Top Critic. Aran Suddi. Mark Delaney. Rosh Kelly. John-Paul Jones. You can talk about anything in our server, you can trade your knives in our trading channel, or just talk about anything in our general channel! We have alot of other channels too.

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Join this Server. Danganronpa: Hotel Massacre. We are a Danganronpa-themed killing game where we: roleplay, investigate and have class trials.

Hide and Seek: The Morgan Jane Winters Murder Mystery Series - Book 2

The game has exciting cases and events! If you murder someone and get caught then you are executed. If the majority votes for the wrong person, they are all executed! We are a friendly community that will provide a fun experience.

Join now and submit a character! Flaming Traders. Community Flaming Traders is a Murder Mystery 2 related server Roblox. Join today. Danganronpa - Despair Dungeons. Many years after the tragedy - when society and the world has rebuilt itself, the new Hope's Peak Academy rose up to teach and scout students of an Ultimate level of talent. Soon after, the Underground Hope Revival Project surfaced. A project to spread hope, and to purge any and all despair. It is a hopeful facility, where you can be at peace and make friends.



No despair will be left, right? That was the idea.. Murder Mystery RP. Other This RP has a seasons system, once a season has started, an anonymous murderer will be selected. It's there job to murder the other players without being caught. There will also be a detective which will try its best with given clues and information to find said murderer. Once everybody has been killed, or the murderer is in cuffs. The season will end alongside with the lore, characters will be able to stay as a new season approaches. Feel free to join!

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We hope to keep this a happy growing server with an active community. A warning for those who are sensitive to gore or other phobias, things along the lines of too gore-y or eye, tongue, etc phobias will be censored within the death announcements. Please keep in mind that this is a gore-y server with lots of blood and abstract murders.

And also not a roblox server. Other 5. It's on planet Sujofe. You are currently living in the town of Jaulon. It's usually a pretty happy and life-filled city, but. Recently, a series of mysterious, horrifying murders happened. The police isn't doing much to catch the murderer. Or murderers.


The town has fallen into fear and depression, slowly losing all hope. Will you survive? Catch the culprits? Will you flee the city? Or you will stay? Other 4. Welcome to Murder In EclipseClan!

HIDE and SEEK *GHOST EDITION* | Murder Mystery 2 - JD

We are a new and growing server, so every new member counts! We are a literate server, so each post should use sentences. We have a lot to offer, such as: - An art channel for showing off your super rad art skills -An opportunity to meet people with similar interests to you -Cats -Did I mention cats? Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this, and I hope to see you soon!

Elyria, Ohio. Community 9. Where your nightmares come true. In the dull and dry fall, the small midwestern town of Elyria has been having some strange occurrences. People are being murdered right under your nose. Mysterious things are happening in the town of Elyria, and your character wants to get to the bottom of it. Years after the tragedy, a new Hope's Peak stepped up, and the headmasters created a prokect known as the Underground Hope Revival Project.

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Currently accepting applicants until November 23rd. Hidden Murderer 6. Welcome to Hidden Murderer 6! Trust me it will be way more entertaining this time! Just join this server to have fun and do some Murder Mystery roleplay What will be in store here? I really hope you will join this server! I am really excited about this season! Bloodbath Fever.